Hello lovelies,

Every year for Christmas I buy myself a new bottle of perfume but this year I have no idea what smells the most delicious! What is your favorite perfume and why?

Billy Gibbons

nails nails nails

hello blackcigarette!

do you wear nail polish? talk to me about it!

do you like bright and bold or soft and delicate or dark and moody or whatever other adjectives i can't think of right now? are you anal about chipping or do you wear the same colour until it's completely grown out? do you have expensive tastes or do you go to wal-mart to get your fix?

post pictures!

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I'm wondering if this over 11,000-strong community can help me solve a mystery through 8 photographs. I'm also hoping that this is appropriate for this community- it's not strictly style-related, but some inspiration could definitely be gleaned from the pictures.

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Edit::: Mystery solved! Many (if not all) of them are in Dublin. Thanks!
I was really curious because a few weeks ago I decided to quit my life here in Canada and apply for an Irish work visa. I was gutting my room and decided to organize these photos. While pouring over these vacation shots, I saw "Aer Lingus" and took it as a sign, but wasn't 100% sure if the location was correct. Lo and behold, they were shot in Ireland. Just one in a series of strange coincidences surrounding my decision.

it's the little things that make life sweeter - writing letters to strangers

I remember last year sometime a beautiful girl made a post here about penpals, and it was really well recieved, so I thought it was time to do it again.

I'm sure an awful lot of us had penpals growing up and can remember the magic of all the lovely little processes; finding cute paper, practising our best handwriting, using our special stationary, then waiting what felt like forever for a reply, and feeling silly excited when we got one. I always loved writing letters mostly because it was so simple but it had so much heart. Now that we're older, I'm guessing most of us have lost touch with our old penpals and forgotten all about how enchanting getting parcels and envelopes in the post really is, so I wondered if you little stars might like to find yourselves a new stranger to get to know?

Just post a comment with a bit about yourself and reply to anyone whose description catches your eye. I'll start...

I'm Leah, I'm from England and I'm a dreamer & a writer by heart.
I love romance, nature, winter, free spirits, the little things, blossom trees, femininity, old souls, having barefeet, hidden tattoos, pretending it's still 1975, vinyl records, being mama bear, veganism, creativity, mood rings, mischief, taking too many rubbish pictures, presents that don't cost anything, pet names, candles, vintage clothes, films staring river phoenix, memory boxes, telling people I play harmonica when I only know one song, books that stay with me forever, ragcurls, big hearts, whispering, people who are cozy and warm and oatmeal cookies.

My email address is I'll keep me fingers crossed that some of you find the idea fun.

First post!

I'm Laureen. I've been following this community for kinda long and finally i'm picking up the guts to do an intro.
I have never thought much of an introduction as i'm well relatively shy haha.
However, everyone in this community has been so inspiring. I adore the introductory posts that allows me to get a glimpse into the life of people 100s of miles away from me. I like knowing your amazing lifestyle, the different hair colours, eye colours, make up, clothes, the food, the shops the place you live in etc....
I have just finished my exams for my anesthesia posting so I'm relatively free for now:)
Here it goes!



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I became a member a while back, and did it at a time of chaos.
But now I'm taking the time to actually focus on passions I love.
My name is Karissa, 19, and I live in Florida. I major in Digital film & Photography.

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Hi everyone! I'm Sami and I love taking photos.
I posted in here a few years ago with some of my work as I was first starting to get into photography. I'm a bit obsessed with it and often find my self geeking out with other photographers. I shoot film (usually medium format) and digital. I always bring a camera around me every where I go, but a lot of my favourite images are from my set up shoots.

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Feel free to share some of your photographs!