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Don't Sleep On Africa

Stockholm. Paris. London. New York. Helsinki. Milan. Tokyo.

These seem to be to go-to places when it comes to "street-style" and what's hot in general on most fashion blogs, but I just wanted to share some of the street-style you'll find on the African continent. Most of these were taken by Chris Saunders, a South African based photographer whose made it a point to capture the emerging style of South African youth. South African street style is rarely sleek and chic - it's irreverent, vibrant and daring. It mixes patterns and textures, with echoes of mid 70s style (and just a splash of "geek chic").

The following black and white photos are by Malik Sidibe. I love them because they so remind me of old photos of my mother and her friends when she was her twenties (in the 70s).

And of course we're not just dressing stylishly. We're also creating. Here are some African designs that don't involve tribal print leggings.

Shoes from Kenyan (if I remember correctly :\) designer Estelle Yomeda:

Suno - another Kenyan company:

Sika, a Ghanaian company, makes cute 50s inspired dresses:

And Vlisco, a company actually based in Holland but synonymous with traditional West African (especially in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Senegal and Cote d' Voire) wax print fabric is all about tha drama~:

I myself have a couple pieces using Vlisco fabric (and Woodin, which is another popular manufacturer in my country, Ghana):

yes i look preggers shut up

Sorry this was so long, I just really wanted to share all of this with other people! Thanks.
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