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I've seen little parts of intro posts that discuss a love of comics, but I'd love to focus more on that. I'm currently reading this:

What is your current favorite/most inspirational comic at the moment? Or even an all-time favorite?

what became of Good Prattle the magazine

Hi, everyone! A while back, some of you might remember, I posted a link to my Kickstarter page: I was trying to turn my interview website, Good Prattle, into a magazine. Well, I didn't get enough donations, and Good Prattle magazine never became an ongoing print publication--but I did manage to create one issue (and one issue only) that I would like to share with all of you, particularly those who were kind enough to donate.

There's a chance I might give it another go this upcoming year--if any of you are interested in somehow contributing, please feel free to comment or PM (either of which I'd be more likely to read at the moment than emails); just let me know how you'd like to be involved!


I am on a major shoe kick lately. So, inspired by the last post, lets see you in your favorite pair of shoes!

Mine are my new Jeffrey Campbell Orbit 2's!

and if have a minute, could you please vote for me in the solestruck facebook competition?
My entry is called SHOEGAZE! Winning would mean a lot to me so thank you so much for your time :)

looking forward to seeing your fabulous shoes :)

PHOTO » knee high stocking innocence


as you have all probably heard, something happened in japan in march that turned life upside down a lot of people; i wanted to post some pictures i took after the quake to (perhaps belatedly?) show you that tokyo is not a desolate ghost town as some media outlets would have you believe, and that there is still beauty and smiles here

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Bread & Puppet Theater

Hey Everyone,

Just thought I'd share photos from a performance this weekend. It was a spaghetti dinner and performance. I love going every time they are in town. To me, the Bread & Puppet theater is timeless. They've been performing since the 70's. They have a style that is unique and fun and all there own. I love it.


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